Arrival (2016) review


Dr. Louise Banks: If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?

Just rented this movie from the Google Play Store, great movie!

The cinematography is great. And the spaceships remind me of the mother ship in Homeworld. šŸ™‚


StaringĀ  Amy Adams (who’s also in Nocturnal Animals) and Jeremy Renner it tells the story of how the world reacts to 12 space ships appearing on Earth. In particular it focuses on the American reaction to the one on their soil, in Montana. And even more specifically on the expert linguist that the American military uses to communicate with the aliens, Louise Banks (who is played by Amy Adams).

I feel there’s some political statements being made by the reaction of some of the American soldiers and also by the Chinese general towards the aliens.

It hits home for me in a few key areas.

*WARNING Spoilers*

  • language and the importance of precise communications,
  • the concept of prescience or deja vu,
  • the loss a child,
  • how fear can (almost) lead to catastrophic consequences, and
  • violins that play in the last scene (real tear-jerker!).

*END Spoilers*

Ultimately the movie ends on an optimistic, though bittersweet, note. Humanity its worse impulses and lives to help another sentient race.

Go rent it now!


OnePlus 3 equals four?


OnePlus 31. The screen

AnandTech had a bad review on the screen’s color gamut.Ā  Which they subsequently reversed after OnePlus released a new firmware.

But for me, the fact that it’s aĀ PenTile AMOLED display is a huge negative for me. Especially at this screen size (5.5″).

2 The camera

Some people think that it has bad low light performance. But AnandTech’s review gives it a glowing tick. They reckon it’s even better than the iPhone 6s!

For me low light performance is expected, so that’s another strike against the OnePlus.

3. The memory management

I had bad experiences with memory management with the HTC One X.

I would write a SMS, take a note in a text editor or in Evernote, or type an address in Google Chrome, swap to some other app for some reason or other.

When I returned, whatever I had typed in would have disappeared because of aggressive memory management. šŸ˜¦

I haven’t been able to ascertain whether the memory management suspends the apps or closes them (and hence losing interim data entry) but I’m not going to take that risk.

4. No go

Adding up these 3 negative points, I’m leaning towards takingĀ the chance on OnePlus 3 3 and buying it.