BSF Bible References for the Book of Romans (Lesson 04)

BSF Adult Romans Lesson 4
Scripture Memory Verse
“For God does not show favoritism.” – Romans 2:11
FIRST DAY: Read the notes and the references.
SECOND DAY: Read Romans 3:1-4.
(See also Romans 2:6-29.)
(Some of the promises are found in Genesis 12:1-7; Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Jeremiah 31:35-37.)
(See Psalm 51:1-6; James 1:13-14.)
THIRD DAY: Read Romans 3:5-8.
FOURTH DAY: Read Romans 3:9-18.
(See also James 3:5-10.)
FIXTH DAY: Read Romans 3:19-20.
SIXTH DAY: Review Romans 3:1-20.