Revelation Overview

We studied the Book of Revelation last year with BSF. As requested by a friend (Hi Edwin!) I’m going to share some of my thoughts on Revelation.

This will be an overview of the book followed by posts on specific parts of it. I think you can spend a whole lifetime trying to understand it, and that’s because there’s lots of poetic imagery in the book which can have multiple interpretations…

The main topics, by chapter, are listed in the table below

Chapter Topic
1 Greetings
2-3 Churches
4 Throne
5 Scroll and Lamb
6 Seals 1-6
7 144,000 sealed
8 7th seal
8:6 Trumpets 1-4
9 5th and 6th trumpet
10 Angel and little scroll
11 Two witnesses
11:10 7th trumpet
12 Woman and dragon
13 Beast out of the sea, out of the earth
14 Lamb & 144,000
15 7 angels and 7 plagues
16 7 bowls of God’s wrath
16:16 Battle at Armageddon
17 Woman on the beast
18 Fall of Babylon
19 Hallelujah, Rider on the white horse
20 1,000 years
21 New Jerusalem
22 Rivers of life

The topics which I will focus initially on are:

  • the Churches
  • the Seals
  • the Trumpets
  • the seven Angels / Plagues / Bowls


I may write on the other topics depending on my time / requests.


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