OpenDNS Email Snafu

I have children so in order to keep them safe from some of the filth that is on the internet I turned to OpenDNS.


In my dashboard, under Web Content Filtering I selected the High filtering level.

That was probably a mistake as my Outlook stopped working properly afterwards. It would complain about the certificates when receiving my corporate emails.

I tried two things and they seemed to have worked for me. I’ll put them below in case they are helpful to someone else.

  1. Change the filtering level

    I changed the filtering level to Moderate.

  2. Manage individual domains

    Under Manage individual domains, I added 3 domains to never block. These were, and also my corporate domain.

After I did those two things, Outlook stopped complaining about receiving my corporate emails.

Some resources that might help others having issues with OpenDNS.

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