Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original TV show.

Stranger Things

It’s obviously a film targeted at people who grew up in the 80s.

When I look at the poster for the show, it is reminiscent to me of  Star Wars, the font of the LucasFilm logo. From the soundtrack by S U R V I V E, the various nods to Stephen King, to the bikes that the kids ride (so so reminiscent of E.T.) everything screams 80s nostalgia!

Ok, ok, the film is set in 1983…

I have to say, I liked it. Strong performances from Winona Ryder and David Harbour help alot. The boys are very credible too. The teenagers had pretty stereotypical roles so they did the best with what they had.

The storyline is somewhat cliched but serviceable. There’s the big bad G-Men, a slow reveal as various characters cotton on to what’s going on, teenage romance, pre-teen friends bonding, etc.

The ending is pretty cathartic and (some) people get what’s coming to them. Unfortunately some (one?) goes missing and obviously the threat is not completely eliminated – after all they have to have  something to go to Season 2 right?

The scares aren’t too scary and the “action” scenes are pretty mild. A throwback to the more innocent times of the 80s.

A good show to while away the time. Recommended.




One thought on “Stranger Things

  1. Mirrors my thoughts. Loved Winona’s performance (forgot how good she was). It’s a subtle thing, but the fact that they licensed original classic music (not lukewarm remakes) helped set the tone immensely. It was one of many authentic little touches that drove home the nostalgia feels.

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